Sunday, March 6, 2016

His Love............................................................Our Love

We the great born again Christians committed to living up to the standards of the word of God try to put the decree of loving our neighbors as we love ourselves into practice and we love others. The intensity of the love experienced is a different issue I may get back to on a later time. Nonetheless, my issue here is the people we extend our love towards.

Often times we love our acclaimed neighbors, neighbors that are loveable, well-off, those who can reciprocate to our love in feeling and more, neighbors who are loved and cared for by many others while Jesus in His practical walk of life in this world depicted the kind of love He was ordering us to develop towards others by doing it Himself. He loved the unlovable, the forgotten, the untouchables, the sinners, the haters, the sick, the unworthy, the cursed, the old, the weary, the dead…

The Master loves us while we are still sinners and unworthy of His love yet we pick those we share His love with based on their status and position, age and gender, and more.  He share with us such a titanic love and the modest portion we share with others, we chose to share it with selected few and most of the time not with those who need it the most.

Hence here goes my prayer that I get to have His eyes and His heart to notice and love those that are disallowed of it!


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